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The philosophy and inspiration


Tri-founded by Tom Turner, Dave Knapp and Marcela Perez, the philosophy in forming Elemento Foods was to source and market plant-based foods and products that were of elementary benefit for nutrition and good health.  

The inspiration came from plants and plant products used by the Incas.


The Amazon River basin, with head waters in the Andes of South America, is famous for a richness of plant species and remarkable that so many had been long known to the Incan civilization many centuries before the European conquistadores had arrived.     

History shows that the Incas depended upon potato, tomato, beans, cacao (chocolate), cassava, papaya, peanuts, pineapple, squash, amaranth and maize;  none of which our modern world could now do without. 

Lesser known  plant species, commonly used in Incan times, like Quinoa, Sacha Inchi and Chia, have been re-discovered and brought to prominence in only very recent times.

Our direction

Plant products that captured our interest were those having a high level of easily digestible protein, essential nutrients, organic compounds and, having a fatty acid composition in a ratio favourable to the human biology;   Sacha Inchi, Chia, Quinoa and Cañihua stood out on all counts.    

For medicinal and pharmaceutical uses,   Pasuchaca,  Maca, Muña, Sangre de grado and others are showing great promise and, with due scientific investigation, may surely prove that there are yet more plant product treasures from the Andes region that can benefit nutrition and health for peoples of the world. super foods

Exceptional products

High protein & nutrition

- Sacha Inchi roasted seed, gelatinized      powder and oil

- Cañihua seed and gelatinized powder

- Quinoa black and red seed, extruded pop, extruded sweet pop, flakes and puffed

- Chia black and white seed,  powder and oil vegan protein

High plant protein

- Andean Broad Bean powder

- Andean pea powder

Nutrition & Medicinal

 - Muña 

- Maca powder

- Pasuchaca powder


- Sangre de Grado (Dragon's Blood)

Health & nutrition

- Barley powder

- Mesquite (Algarrobina) syrup

- Blue Maize (corn) powder

- Lucuma powder

- Guarana powder plant protein


- Hass avocado powder

- Pre-mixed instant Guacamole powder

- Lucuma powder

- Yacon syrup

- Mesquite syrup super foods

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